Our alternative healer practitioner teaches a unique set of meditation exercises; one in the morning and one in the late afternoon, both focused in removing the blocks and reconnecting our cells, organs and nervous system with the cosmic consciousness, which is constantly feeding us at all levels, even though we may not recognise it.

Higher Guidance

Noone will ever love us more than our own Inner Self. Listening to what It has to say to us is one of the most important steps towards self-awareness that can put us back on the right track and help us avoid unnecessary risks and pains. In this session we connect with the voice of our Inner Being to get the help we need with the choices me need to make in our lives.

Gate to Higher Spiritual Healing

Extremely high frequencies of light that enter a human body, can provide deep physical and emotional cleansing, «detox» the aura, lift the consciousness and raise the vibration to higher levels. Thus, going into the Gate of Mykonos and operating the etheric technology that is established there can provide and amazing and uplifting healing experience.

Energy Healing

Our certified energy healer provides a unique method of energy healing, connecting and «downloading» high frequency light energy into the nervous system. This energy revitalises the nervous system allowing it to move inside the body making the proper changes to heal whatever needs to be healed.

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