Aqua Aerobics class

The great thing about Aqua Aerobics is that you can train as hard as you like while you are in a cool environment, you are not getting sweaty all over your body and you are having lots of fun! If water activities is your thing, join us on your own in one of our regular classes or book your private class with us.

Aerial Yoga class

So you like Yoga? Then, you will love Aerial Yoga. Stretch your body like never before in this unique class that will leave you with a unique sense of wellness. Come on and try it out for yourself.

Personal Training class

Staying fit during holidays is a challenge and we have a solution for it. Our experienced personal trainers will give you the kind of workout you want while you are spending your vacation in Mykonos.

Rock bodyweight training

Working out using your own bodyweight is one of the most powerful workouts you could have. Doing this type of workout outdoors among the rocky formations of Mykonos, does not only connect you with the island’s wild nature, but it also makes it a lot more fun and challenging.

Greek Style Martial Arts class

This is a unique Martial Arts system not only to Greece, but – i dare say – in the whole world. Our certified instructor makes this class even more special, customizing the session to meet your particular demands, ie train with techniques attacking on specific body parts.

Self-defense class

What happens when someone attacks you out of the blue? What can you do if they attack you from behind? This practical training session goes into some of the scenarios that can happen in real life, and proposes the type of action you can take to counter and even prevent an attack.

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