Rock Bodyweight Training

If you are a fitness junky and a nature lover then this is for you. Our no-equipment strength training uses the weight of your body to provide a powerful workout at the amazing rocky sceneries of Mykonos. This rural outdoor training will help you keep up with your fitness goals, while you experience an adventure at the wild rocky Mykonian environment. Running, jumping and free style climbing around and on stones and rocks wil be part of the workout, which will focus mainly on bodyweight routines to get you pumped up.

Personal Rock Bodyweight Training rate

Requirements for this activity

For this activity you are required to be a healthy individual without previous history in any kind of heart conditions or serious joint/spine injuries. You will need to have a hat with you, wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes. You may want to consider bringing along a second t-shirt.

Extras provided

Your trainer will provide water, snack, protective hand gloves and protective knee pads.

Meeting points

Since this is an outdoor training we will need to meet up in a central area. If you have your own vehicle you will followe me. If you do not have a vehicle and want to go along with your trainer free of charge, you are welcome to select this option.

Cnetral meeting points can include Old Port, New Port, Airport, supermarkets. We can even meet at your accommodation if you are staying within a convenient range, to avoid unneccesary mix ups.

Book your rocks bodyweight training

Please specify the exact time slot that you prefer to have the training. If not available we will recommend an alternative.


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